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Free Checking Accounts

Skyview Banking offers customers like you a revolutionary new way to look at your banking - absolutely free checking account deals. No strings attached.

Other banks often claim that they can give you bank accounts with completely free checking. But, what they don't tell you is how difficult it is to fulfill all the hoops and loopholes to get that free checking. Most traditional banks have all kinds of sticky requirements that customers must fulfill before their free checking actually becomes free. You must open direct deposit, you must stay below a certain amount of transaction every month, you must maintain a specific balance for the entire month, or other such stipulations. There are so many factors you have to keep track of- it's easy to miss one of the requirements and result in excess service fees in your account.

With the new developments in technology and the progression of the internet, there are all kinds of new developments in banking, especially online banking. Skyview Bank is a strictly online banking group- which is good for customers because the bank needs less fees to maintain our business. Traditional banks charge their customers all these extra fees in order to pay for physical bank locations and maintenance. As an online bank, we don't charge any free checking account service charges like brick and mortar banks do. There are no hidden fees, no difficult requirements, simply free checking, plain and simple.

In fact, because we are an online only bank, we can offer you even better free checking account deals and bonuses. That includes higher free checking account interest rates for all of our online customers. We give rewards to customers like cash back, and free services like bill pay. With all of our extra rewards, its no wonder so many people are switching to online banking companies like Skyview Bank! Join our banking group today!

Our Online Checking Accounts. See why we are the best in online banking.

  • No opening balance requirement. You can start an account today, for $0!
  • No minimum balance requirement. Many banks require that you keep a certain balance or they will charge you additional service fees. We don't believe in that here.
  • Free Bill Pay services with your account
  • Free Debit / Credit card with opening of an account.
  • Unlimited check writing and free checks with opening of an account
  • Zero ATM fees at any bank ATM nationwide
  • Easy online account management and free balance alerts online
  • Earn cash back when shopping online - save yourself time and money with internet shopping!
  • Excellent free checking account interest rates, tiered based on your current balance

Bank Service Charges

We offer all everyday services and general account management absolutely free of charge. However, there are certain circumstances where we will have to charge our customers for fees & services. Learn more about that here.


Monthly Maintenance - $0.00

Overdraft item paid or returned - $9.00

Returned Deposit Charge - $8.00

Stop Payment Item - $13.00

Currency Conversion / Border Crossing Transaction - Up to 1% of the transaction total


Standard Checks - $0.00

Cashiers Checks - $0.00

Account Statements Online - $0.00

Incoming Wires for domestic & international - $0.00

Incoming Wires for domestic & international - $17.00

Same Day Delivery for service items (checks, debit cards, credit cards, etc) - $14.00


  • "Switching to online banking with Skyview was one of the best decisions I made. I was getting hammered with all these hidden fees at my previous bank which claimed to have free checking but somehow I was always getting billed for some missed requirement or another. It was incredibly frustrating and getting expensive. The online banking was simple and clear about the fees and services provided. I feel much more in control of my finances now."
    - Nicholas, Denver
  • "Now that I've switched to online banking, there's no way I'd ever go back to my old bank. I feel like I have complete control over my accounts and I'm never charged for any hidden fees or unmentioned requirements. It's so easy."
    - Phillip, Lakewood